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Good Soil Groups

Good Soil helps to foster a space for honest conversation around Jesus and life’s critical questions. Bringing people together to explore Jesus and the Christian worldview.



Good Soil is a place to be real with who you are and what you believe. You don't have to hide anything, be authentic. Come enjoy the company of others who are on a journey for truth. Good Soil is a safe place to explore the truth, foster friendships, be honest, and eat a meal with others.

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Good Soil is a safe place to ask questions, disagree, share your current belief system, and even challenge the teaching. All within a spirit of kindness. Everyone is on their own journey, and at Good Soil, we desire to offer a safe space to ask hard questions and disagree with one another without feeling judged. 

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Life was never meant to be lived in isolation, and it certainly isn't meant to be lived on a screen. People need people. We are created to live in community with one another. Good Soil is a place for conversation, to explore truth amongst other humans who don't have it ALL completely figured out.

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